Friday, August 05, 2011

CHARGE!! The Adventures of Toolie

Katherine is looking after our neighbour's Rhodesian Ridgeback dog for a few days.  Toolie is a sweet old girl with a very distinguished grey muzzle.  She's mostly content to lie out in the sun but unfortunately, she has not taken well to being transferred from our neighbour's house to ours and as a result she paces at night and whimpers in a most pathetic fashion.  Now I must explain, that although Ridgebacks don't often move quickly, they are BIG dogs - Toolie is around 100 pounds.  She may be elderly but she still packs a punch! She loves to lie in our back yard with Teya and soak up the rays; I check on them every few minutes but at one point yesterday couldn't see Toolie.  Now, our yard is not big and there are only so many hiding places.  No Toolie, but I did find she had scratched the lattice work (the weakest part of the fence) and had managed to make a hole big enough to crawl through.  OK, I thought, this isn't too bad because she'll be in our other neighbour's yard.  No Toolie there either, but I found 3 broken fence rails and some crushed bushes. (By the way, this particular neighbour is NOT fond of dogs!)  We are close to Edinburgh Road, so I was frantic (usually it is Teya who does this sort of thing!).  Checked the front porch of Toolie's own house, and there she was, patiently waiting to be let in.  Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. " HOME SWEET HOME" she whimpered!

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