Saturday, November 02, 2013

Whole Food Pet Nutrition

Attention Canadian pet owners:
There is a brand new Pet nutrition company in Canada that is making veterinary exclusive diets with a whole food philosophy: RAYNE CLINICAL NUTRITION.

Many pet owners have been looking for a more natural, whole food based maintenance and therapeutic diets for their pets. Some of these owners have been led by marketing gimmicks to foods of lesser quality and very little scientific research behind them. Now there is a new option you can feel good about. Unlike many diets found in pet stores that have claims of 'natural', 'whole food', or 'feed them like family'  - These new diets have actually been formulated by experts, have been verified by independent testing and research, and guaranteed for quality and safety as well as completely unique, dedicated solely to the veterinary market, whole food based with minimal processing.

If you are a passionate pet owner looking for a new way to feed your pet, while still giving them quality nutrition, with no wheat, corn, or meat by-products - Ask your veterinarian about Rayne Clinical Nutrition.

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