Wednesday, November 07, 2012

10 Behaviour Myths in Dogs: # 9

Myth # 9:  He has a behaviour problem.  Send him to a trainer!
The behaviour of all animals is a result of complex interaction among genetics, early development, and environment. For this reason, behaviour problems can vary greatly in their underlying causes and must be treated appropriately.  If your pet is fearful, aggressive, destructive or is eliminating inappropriately, we recommend you see your veterinarian first. Some of these issues may have underlying medical causes which need to be eliminated first.  We often work in conjunction with trainers or will be able to recommend a trainer for you.  Many people are not aware that there are veterinarians who have specialized in animal behaviour.  These individuals are board-certified and have received the same rigorous advanced training that any specialist would receive. Dr. Gary Landsberg is one such person.  You may be interested in his website at Animal Behaviour Resources Institute

FACT: It is important to be aware of the variety of professionals available to help with your pet’s behaviour problem.  If we are unable to help your pet, we will send you to someone who can!
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