Saturday, December 08, 2012

Giving a Pet as a Gift this Christmas?

Were you thinking of giving a puppy or Kitten as a Christmas Present?
Perhaps you were going to buy that cute puppy for your partner, family member, or kids.
Maybe you even considered adopting one from a shelter or humane society.
Before you purchase or adopt a pet this holiday season, think again.
Many animals that are given as Christmas Presents, end up in shelters all over the country because the person who received them was either not ready for a pet, did not take the time to train them, or they were unaware of the costs involved in raising a puppy or kitten. Vaccinations, deworming, food, health care, training, and toys - all cost - and they can add up pretty fast. Be sure these costs are taken into consideration before you get a new pet.
If you have any questions about getting a pet, discuss it with your veterinary health care team before you make that commitment. Pets are a lifetime commitment and should never be given as a present.
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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Holiday Giving

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Once again, Royal City Animal Hospital is holding our annual "Operation Santa Paws" charity supply drive for the Guelph Humane Society
We will be collecting any donations you can provide to help support the life saving work of our friends at the shelter.  
They have a wish list of items they are always in need of, some items they need but they have trouble getting the finances for, and items to help keep their administration costs down. 
This list can be found by clicking this link to the Guelph Humane Society, or you can pick up a copy in our office at Royal City Animal Hospital 245 Edinburgh Rd S in Guelph. 
Please give generously, they really need your help so they can continue to help the animals in need.

Recently, The Guelph Humane Society asked for specific donations of a good Washer and Dryer. Lets hope Santa can provide. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

One Cat tells the tale of his own Dentistry

Hi, allow me to introduce name is Nosey

Like you, my owner takes me to the Royal City Animal Hospital in Guelph for my annual check-ups.  Despite all my squawking, I really don't mind going.  I just make it sound like I don't want to be there. What other way do we have to communicate with our owners?  Oh, I have a few tricks and my favourite one is drooling.  Now, truth be told, that one got me an extra visit to see Dr.Drewry.  Drooling is taken very seriously as it could signal a variety of problems that need to be properly assessed.  OK, I wasn't feeling the greatest but for me, I was lucky.  My owner took me to the hospital right away.  I'm just glad that she was so observant for she admits that my earlier sneezing would not have elicited the same quick response.  Tests were conducted and they all came back clear, so I'm healthy, except when they inspected my teeth.  We cats have a unique situation that occurs with our teeth, which needs to be monitored regularly.  I can't explain it to you but the staff at Royal City will be most happy to provide the information.  Just ask them.  They spoke at length with my owner, explaining the procedure and potential costs, for nothing is certain until they can view our whole mouth.  Like our owners, we should have a regular dental check-up.  

So what happened to me?  I was booked in for an extensive dental appointment, where they put me to sleep.  That was great for I didn't hear or feel anything.  Once the plaque was removed, the team were able to discover the "root" (excuse the pun but it's my attempt at humour) of my problems and dealt with it quickly and efficiently.  I was lucky; it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  While I was sleeping, they also gave me my annual shots, which was very thoughtful of them.  When my owner collected me, later that day, she was advised that I might be a bit groggy and not ready to eat just yet.  Boy, were they wrong!  I got home and immediately devoured my dinner, and then raced around the apartment for good measure.  I haven't looked back!  So my fellow cats, don't be a scaredy-cat (like my owner) and go get that annual dental check-up done now.  

Life is just purrrrfect for me.  

If you would like to know more about your pet's oral health, Call my friends at Royal City Animal Hospital in Guelph and they would be happy to help you just like they did me (and my mom).
                                                                                           Nosey B.