Saturday, November 05, 2011

Beagle Paws - success story

Typical beagle in Newfoundland.
From the Harsh Realities of a "Rabbit Dog" in Newfoundland to the comforts of her forever home in Ontario...

Inspired by a recent article found in Canadian Pets & Animals Magazine about Newfoundland's Beagle Paws Rescue, the following is a story about our own Beagle Paw's Beagle, Jaimie (Owned by Lisa B.)

While living for a short time in St. John's Newfoundland and while taking my pug Spud for a walk I came across a building with a sign reading, Beagle Paws, Promoting Beagle's as Family Pets, thinking "What else would they be?" I went in.  Here I learnt that the Beagle is the most abused breed in the province. Living by an Old-Aged Myth (as the article reads) that 'hunting dogs' do not need human interaction and do not make good pets, Old school thinking Newfoundlanders still hold this falsehood to be true. Other myths that are held true to this day are: A beagle must be hungry to hunt and should only be fed every other day, spaying or neutering a dog ruins their ability to hunt, beagles should be kept in outdoor enclosures and beagles cannot be house trained. Knowing these myths are patently untrue and seeing with my own eyes in my own neighbourhood the conditions in which beagles were kept I got involved with Beagle Paws by volunteering and becoming a foster parent. Here I met Jaimie (Beagle Paw's name, Jane) a very scared, skinny, obviously abused but sweet little beagle who I soon realized I couldn't part with as a foster dog and adopted her for good. Two years later and back in my home province of Ontario with her hard life behind her, Jaimie is one of the most loving, forgiving, loyal dogs I have ever met. 

To learn more about the Beagles of Newfoundland and how you can help visit,, pick up a copy of Canadian Pets & Animals Magazine in our front reception area at Royal City Animal Hospital or simply ask me, Lisa B. Pet Care Coordinator.

Jamie - Loved and well cared for with her new family.

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