Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zeus' Day At The Dentist

Zeus recovering after his dental cleaning
Well, Zeus had his dental cleaning today.  He was certainly not happy this morning when he didn't get his usual breakfast feast and he found himself in a cage rather than roaming the clinic like he normally does!  He went under general anaesthetic at 9:00 and was finished and waking up by 10:00.  Dental x-rays revealed no evidence of lesions or tooth decay so all he needed was a basic cleaning.  After scaling the teeth with a set of hand instruments, an ultrasonic scaler was used to remove any unseen plaque.  Next we used a tool called a curette to clean the surfaces below the gum line and finished up with a polisher to smooth out any rough areas left by the scaling instruments.  Then it was time to turn off the anaesthetic and wake him up.  His recovery went very smoothly and before long he was up asking for his missing breakfast!  His gums will likely be tender for a day or two but after that I'm sure he will be feeling much better and perhaps he will forgive me for not feeding him like I am supposed to!

Zeus' Dental X-rays

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  1. Thanks to everyone for taking such good care of Zeus yesterday. He greeted me at the door this morning and was his usual frisky self! You'd never know he had a dentistry yesterday, except that his breath smeels a lot better! Thanks again. Barbara Drewry