Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pet Care Tips From The Super Bowl

I confess I am not a football fan.  However, I do like to google the commercials the day after the Super Bowl.  As usual, animals were a big hit among this years group of ads. As I sat watching them I realized that there even seemed to be some good pet care tips behind all of the propaganda. 

So here is my Top 10 List of Pet Care Tips From The Super Bowl

10.  Even pets should wear a seatbelt in the car

9. Leave wild animals alone

9 continued

8. Teach your dog to be calm and well behaved when visitors come over 

7. Even animals need to brush their teeth

6. Keep your dog safe around water and wear a lifejacket

5. Rescued animals can be amazing pets if given the chance

4. Dogs paws can be sensitive so keep them clean and protected, especially in winter

3.  Cats are safest when they live indoors or are supervised outside

2. Human food should be reserved for humans, not pets

1.  Obesity is a leading disease in pets, it's never too late to start a weight loss program

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