Saturday, May 05, 2012


Are you looking for a Dog Trainer in the Guelph area?

At Royal City Animal Hospital, we always emphasize the importance of professional dog training to our clients.
There are several very qualified and reputable dog trainers within the city of Guelph and surrounding areas, but today we are spotlighting Jason Shute.

His biography as copied directly from his website: 
Jason is a certified master dog trainer and dog behaviorist based in Guelph, Ontario and has trained dogs internationally including a recent contract in Cebu, Philippines. He has attended dog psychology seminars with Cesar Millan and Stanley Coren, apprenticed with master dog trainer Dave McMahon in Niagara Falls and is a registered trainer with the International Association of Canine Professionals, and theCanadian Association of Professional Pet Dog TrainersHe has also attended k9 detection seminars with ATS K9 services, Search and Rescue Ontario, and FireK9, and arson detection unit based in California. Jason won the gold award for "Best Dog Trainer" by Guelph Tribune's Readers Choice Awards 2011.

Check out this video of Jason showing off a dog that knows how to do an out of sight "Down-Stay".
More videos can be seen on his YouTube channel.

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