Thursday, July 12, 2012

Arthritis in Cats

Did you know that it is estimated that 92 % of cats over the age of 12 have osteoarthritis, and that 100% of cats over the age of 15  have osteoarthritis?
Cats are very good at hiding their pain, so how can you tell if your cat has arthritis? 
The following list are some signs that your cat may have arthritis:
  • Inappropriate urination - litter box concerns
  • Limping/lameness    
  • Lack of interest in jumping up 
  • Avoiding Stairs     
  • Retracting from touch     
  • Grouchiness   
  • Change in normal Behaviour
  • Weight loss  
  • Constipation    
  • Vocalization  
  • Excessive Grooming
  • Lack of Grooming   

If you think your cat may be suffering from arthritis, please contact your Veterinarian for more information and a better assessment. There are many treatment options available for your cat to help them deal with the arthritis, and relieve their pain. There are diets specifically formulated to help reduce the clinical signs of arthritis, and decrease inflammation. There are Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatories drugs(NSAIDS) that your veterinarian might prescribe to help relieve pain and inflammation. There are supplements that can be given (containing Green Lipped Mussel Powder) which also helps reduce the signs of arthritis. As well as other modalities which alone or in conjunction with other treatment options can help your cat feel great and act younger. Before starting any of these treatment options, be sure to consult your veterinarian to work out a treatment plan is the best for your cat's needs.