Monday, August 13, 2012

Finnegan...begin again

Bob and Finnegan

Norfolk Terrier
Katherine and I visited our friends, Bob and Erica on the weekend.  They have a new Norfolk terrier puppy called Finnegan who is a going concern!  Bob has considerable experience as a dog owner:  h3we has trained dogs for hunting and has bred dogs.  (If you check our blog post for January 6, 2012 you’ll see a posting about his lovely dog “Nike”.)  Bob brought Finnegan in to see us last week; I examined Finn and administered his vaccines and Greg met with Bob and Finn to discuss puppy issues, such as house training, diet and behaviour.

During our visit on the weekend, Bob told us that he had visited 3 of the puppy trainers Greg had recommended so that he could observe a class before he signed up with Finn.  Of the three classes he observed, there was one in particular that he felt would be suitable for Finn.

I was so impressed that someone with Bob’s experience with dogs would enroll his puppy in classes, let alone take the time to investigate 3 different trainers.  All of the trainers are ones that we recommend but not every trainer will necessarily be a good fit with you and your puppy.  I meet so many clients who say to me:  “I’m not taking my dog to classes; I’ve had dogs before.”  As Bob knows, every pup is different and each one requires an individual approach.

We also know that pups who are taking to training classes have a 90% chance of becoming good canine citizens and only a small chance of being surrendered or euthanized because of undesirable behaviour.  We will be running a series of short articles on “Early Puppy Socialization Classes” in the next little while which will outline some of the benefits.  Puppy classes are also be a great introduction to various dog sports such as obedience, agility, tracking, and retrieving.
Have fun Bob and Finn; you’ll make a great team!!
Barbara Drewry

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