Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pet Identification Week

April 19-25th is National Pet ID Week. A week to raise awareness on the importance of having your dogs and cats ID's in the event they ever get lost, stolen, or go missing.

There are several methods of  ID'ing your pets.

1) Tags for the collars/harness
2) Tattoos usually done in the ear, or inner thigh.
3) Microchip implanted under the skin.

Of all the methods of identifying your pet - a Microchip is the most effective and permanent.
Over time, tattoos can fade and can be difficult to read due to legibility and location.
Tags and collars can be lost, fall off, or taken off.
Microchips are permanently inserted under the skin at the base of the neck and is easily read by a reader which every veterinary clinic, pet shelter, and humane society has on hand.
When a pet is microchipped, the information is entered into a data base which makes it easy to locate the owners.
This helps get your dog or cat back home to you much sooner.

To have your Dog or Cat Microchipped, Call us at 

Royal City Animal Hospital
245 Edinburgh Rd S. 
Guelph ON


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