Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

While you enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends, We would like to remind you that there are many hidden dangers that can seriously harm your dog or cat on this holiday.

Some of the biggest dangers that this holiday can pose to your pet are:
  • FOOD: rich fatty foods from the turkey, gravy, skin, ham, desserts, etc can all contribute to a disease called Pancreatitis. This is a very serious condition which needs immediate medical care.
  • BONES: the turkey itself is very tempting to dogs, but the bones from the bird pose a big threat as well. The bones can splinter and cause tears or obstruction in a pet's digestive tract.
  • STRING: the string used to truss the turkey is full of the flavour of the cooked bird and your dog may want too eat it. It can cause problems if your dog decides to ingest it.
  • TOXINS: Many food items we will have around (onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate, macadamia nuts, etc) are poisonous to our pets.
  • BEVERAGES: Caffeine and alcohol are also very toxic to our pets as well.
  • STRESS: with the Holiday comes guests, and this can be a big source of stress for your pet. There is a lot of commotion and your dog or cat may not be prepared to cope with it as well as you might think.

Some tips to help keep your pet healthy and safe:
  • Keep all food out of reach from your pet.
  • Keep a close eye on your pets and know what they are up to at all times, to ensure they do not 'sneak' something without your knowledge.
  • Do not leave garbage, left-overs, unfinished meals, treats, and other items accessible to your pet.
  • Help to reduce their stress by providing them with a safe haven and a favourite toy.
  • Clean as you go, ridding your kitchen/dining room of as many potential hazards as possible.
  • Do not Give your pet any of your meal as a 'treat'.
  • Puppy & Kitty proof your house to ensure all potential dangers are eliminated.

Finally, just in case you have a problem, it never hurts to keep your emergency vet clinic or veterinary hospital number handy.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving for your entire family

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