Saturday, October 01, 2011


Some of you may have seen me recently with a lovely yellow Lab rather than with “Teya” my beautiful golden Retriever.  Both dogs are being trained intensively for hunt tests and field trials; Stitches will also be used as a hunting dog for bird conservation.  However, Miss Stitches (her name comes from the fact that she required “stitches” when she was a very young pup) has come into season at an inopportune time!  Since females are in heat for about 3 weeks her owner and I decided to trade:  I am looking after Stitches and Teya is at boot camp for some heavy duty training!
As you will see from her picture, Stitches is a beautiful dog, very trim and muscular and very high energy.  She’s not as “in your face” as Teya is (i.e. no jumping up to lick your face!) but is still very friendly and is probably the best behaved dog I have every looked after.  She contently stays in one of our kennels for the day, without making a peep but she’s ready to run like the wind when we leave!  If you have ever thought about owning a Lab, and would like to see a beautiful one close up, come in and say “Hi”; she’ll be here for another week or so. - Dr. Barbara Drewry

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