Friday, October 07, 2011

Pet Nutrition Seminar: Saturday October 29th.

Come join us on Saturday October 29th for our next class in our "Pet Care University" series.

"Give a Dog a Bone: the Science of Nutrition"

Class is free to all who attend, however space is limited so please register to reserve your seat.

Topics include:
  • What is the difference between grocery store, pet store and Veterinary exclusive diets?
  • Quality of ingredients:  Nutrients vs. ingredients.
  • If I can't compare food based on the label, how do I decide what is best for my pet?
  • The Cost of pet food:  Cost per bag vs. Cost per Day feeding
  • Raw food diets - are they good for your pet?
  • Organic diets and all natural diets: are they better or safer to feed your pet?
  • Should the first ingredient in the diet be meat?
  • I have heard I should stay away from foods with this true?
  • My Dog or Cat is a 'fussy eater' - he doesn't like anything else.
  • What about people food - my dog loves eating my left overs
  • I heard Dry food is good for their teeth - so I dont feed canned. Is this true?
  • Bones - are they good for my dog's teeth?
  • Should My cat (or dog) drink milk?
  • What kind of Treats are good for my pet?
  • How much is too much? - obesity prevention and treatment

If you have any other questions about pet nutrition, please bring them along with you.

Your veterinarian is always the best source for information on Your pet's Specific nutritional requirements.

Join us for our upcoming Seminars.

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