Sunday, March 04, 2012

Guelph Trails and Parks

Going for a long hike with your dog is an excellent way for both you and your dog to get exercise.

Just a few friends enjoying Starkey Hill
 People regularly ask us where in Guelph they can take their dogs for a nice hike. Guelph is such a beautiful city with many parks and trails to enjoy, and we don't always know all the good spots to go. Here is a blog where the author has taken the time to not only identify many of the great trails and parks, but also map them out for you, and post photographs showing the beauty and splendor of each. 

The City of Guelph also has a listing of all of the leash free zones you and your dog can enjoy in one of the city's many beautiful parks. 

Always be mindful of other users of these recreational areas by picking up after your dog, keep your dog under control, and avoid conflicts with other people and dogs. 

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