Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reunited....and it feels so good

Micro-chipping saves lives.....and reunites families

After months of missing their lovely cat "Priscilla", a very happy reunion took place here at Royal City Animal Hospital.

A family in Rockwood, Ontario found her hanging around their house, and had been feeding her and caring for her as a 'neighbourhood stray' hoping she would find her way home. After weeks of caring for her, they brought her to our clinic so we could scan her to see if she is micro-chipped. The scan was successful.

Priscilla's family live in Ariss, Ontario and somehow she escaped on them. How she made it from her home in Ariss to Rockwood, we will never know, but because she was micro-chipped, we were able to contact the microchip company and find her owner. A couple of phone calls was all it took to find the owner and inform them that their beloved cat was found, and safe.

If her owner's had not had the wisdom to microchip her, this reunion would never have taken place and who knows what kind of life Priscilla would have had.
From Ariss to Rockwood is a long walk

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