Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Caturday Night Fever

At Royal City Animal Hospital in Guelph, we love cats, and we appreciate their unique behaviour quirks.
Instead of expecting a cat to not be a cat, we work hard to accommodate our feline patients and meet them more on their terms.

Cats feel stress and anxiety at a much more intense level than most people realize. Being creatures of habit, and very territorial animals - they aren't fond of changes. When you bring your cat to the Veterinarian, there is a lot going on that will cause your cat stress - The carrier, the car ride, the noises, the moving around....and the dogs that might be in the clinic.

We do everything we can to help minimize their stress.
One way is to schedule specific days where we only offer appointments for cats, so they don't have to see dogs.
We call these days "CATURDAYS" and these dedicated times are:

The 2nd Friday of every month - from 10 am - 1pm, 
The Last Tuesday of the month from 3pm - 7Pm 

If you would like to schedule your Cat in for an examination with Our veterinarian Dr Barbara Drewry during one of these "Cat-Friendly" appointment times, please call our Clinic.
We would also love to tell you about the other ways we work to make our clinic a more Positive environment for our Feline patients.

Royal City Animal Hospital
245 Edinburgh Rd S
Guelph, ON


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