Friday, February 27, 2015

National Pet Sitter's Week

March 1st - 7th is Professional  Pet Sitters Week

As pet owners, we have all been there when you have needed someone to look after your dog or cat while you are away. There is no greater feeling of relief, and happiness than to know you have entrusted your best friends in the hands of someone who is qualified, trustworthy, loyal, and LOVES YOUR PETS.

In Guelph, we are blessed with so many great people and businesses that operate a Pet Sitting service.
One of our favourites to recommend to the pet parents who visit Royal City Animal Hospital, is Heidi's Happy Hounds.
Heidi is a great friend to Royal City Animal Hospital, who trusts us to look after the medical needs of her own dog, and we have known her for many years. She is a gem, and her service to our community is outstanding.

If you need some one to look after your dog, or cat while you are away - give Heidi a call.

Heidi's Happy Hounds. 

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