Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Friday February 20th is "LOVE YOUR PET" day.

We know everyone loves their pet every day, so why celebrate a special day, right?

Like Valentines Day, it is a day we set aside to Show our dog, cat, or other pets how much they mean to us.

I know there are days in my life when things seem rough, all I need to forget the bad and see the good in the world is to look in the adoring face of my beloved dog.

He knows when I am down, angry, sad, or stressed, and he knows exactly what to do. He puts on that super cut face, and stares into my eyes. With that one small gesture - I know Life is wonderful.

I Love My pets. 

If you love your pets - send us a photo of the 2 of you together so we can share on our Facebook page. (

the face that makes everything better

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